Luminale BETTER CITY seeks to make sustainability tangible in the urban space.


The situation: As a biennial for light art and urban design, the Luminale takes place every two years for a total of six days; within this time frame, it seeks to invite its visitors to (re-)discover the city and generate enthusiasm for sustainable urban development.


The goal: At least one project, or a planning result of general relevance, should be permanently preserved for the city and its residents in the future, and be of benefit ecologically, socially, or culturally. The Luminale shall thus maintain a lasting presence in the city space, even outside opening hours.


Better City-Projects of the Luminale 2018

Better City

Friedberger Warte

An installation that stays.

Better City

Light on!

The “Bügel” high-rise settlement on the Ben-Gurion Ring, formerly regarded as a problem district, becomes a creative light-parkour.